Legacies: let's create a board game

Legacies laboratory was held at the Republican School Centre in Mouraria, within the scope of  Saber Maior Senior University (Santa Maria Maior Parish, Lisbon Municipality), during two weeks, in November 2017. It was created and coordinated by Ana Moya, and it was implemented with the logistics collaboration of Marisa Moura from Saber Maior Senior University, and with the assistance of  Khaled Berdi (Mouraria’s neighbor). It was attended by a regular senior group of eleven people between the ages of 60 to 80 years old. Half of the participants were national migrants from other regions of Portugal that settled in the neighborhood in the 1960s. The rest of the participants were born in Mouraria. Every afternoon for three hours, we explored with them the sensorial memories and the social and urban changes of the neighborhood through time. The goal was to activate the communication and the sharing of stories in group conversations through game playing and artistic activities. The aim of this laboratory was to carry out artistic activities of plastic expression around the recognition, interpretation and revision of memories and the identity of Mouraria’s neighborhood.  

We explored the imaginaries, emotions and psychology of perception of their urban environment. The activities were divided into three phases: the first aimed to bring awareness and educate the visual and sensory perception; the second to train the mind and memory, and the third to create and activate the communication and  sharing of stories and group conversations through the playing of board games and the elaboration of collages and the editing of a book. The collection of collages, audio-visual recording registers and board games, were the artistic material for the construction of a cartography of emotions of this laboratory. We designate as a cartography of emotions, a cartography of the psyche that articulates the social, mental, and environmental register of the environment (Guattari, 1989:18). This cartography shows a space of representation lived and experienced by feelings, emotions, rhythms, speeds, intensities, movements, visions, fantasies, desires and memories (Harvey, 2006: 135).

The work methodology of the laboratory was structured in three movements:  Space Recognition, Interpreting the Body in Space , and Communicating a Somatic Landscape.


Adelina (78, Portugal), Alice (70, Lisbon, Portugal), Diamantina (78, Portugal), Francisco (61, Lisbon, Portugal), Isilda (69, Portugal), José (80, Lisbon, Portugal), Maria (73, Portugal), Celeste (73, Portugal), Maria do Rosário (65, Lisbon, Portugal), Nuno (58, Lisbon, Portugal), Justina (80, Portugal), Conceição (50, Portugal). Volunteer: Khaled Berdi. Logistics: Marisa Moura (Coord. Saber Maior Senior University). Promotor:  Anabela Monraia (Social Entrepreneurship Office, Santa Maria Maior Parish, Lisbon Municipality).

support and collaboration

Santa Maria Maior Parish (Lisbon Municipality), and Saber Maior Senior University, collaborated and promoted the participative artistic laboratory “Legacies: let’s create a board game”, coordinated by the Centre of Art History and Artistic Research (CHAIA, U. Évora).

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