urban space

and embodied experiences

This research on the Somatic Landscape is grounded in the concept of the resonance between the body and space. Specifically, we research an urban space of embodied experiences, where body memory, sensorial perception, and performance map the emotional dimension of the urban landscape. This somatic landscape is built on performative engagements, intimate and collective corporeal responses, sensations, emotions, and affects.  For five years, from 2017 to 2021, we have worked on the historical multicultural neighbourhoods of Mouraria (Lisbon), and Raval (Barcelona), with the collaboration of local cultural associations and an interdisciplinary team of artists. In the format of a community-based research, different artistic laboratories addressed to the residents have been developed, intending to map their multicultural somatic landscapes. As a result, we have contributed to the residents’ redefinition of an emotional connection  to their close urban environment and we have given visibility to their intangible landscape heritage.

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