Mouraria's Legacies

Booklet “Mouraria’s Legacies, Encounters about the memories of the neighborhood” (2017) (Ed. A. Moya), 90 pages, with thirty-six graphic collages about the multisensory memories of Mouraria’s neighborhood in Lisbon, six maps with the public urban spaces and exact locations, and the transcription of the stories and narratives related. Work elaborated by senior participants at the participatory artistic laboratory Mouraria’s Legacies held at the Republican School Centre within the scope of the Senior University Saber Maior, in November 2017.

Booklet "The game of the neighborhood"

Board game for urban exploration with artistic cartography of the historic Mouraria district (Lisbon). Copyright Ana Moya (2019). Registered at IGAC (, Reference SIIGAC/2019/6488.

Site, Dance and Body Workshop Booklet

Booklet “Site, Dance and Body” (2018) (Ed. A. Moya), 86 pages. Survey and characterization of the neighborhood of Raval, Barcelona. Elaboration and creation of 31 maps of morphological analysis of Raval’s neighborhood in Barcelona, ​​​​based on in-situ observation, photographic data and aerial photography. Elaboration of the scenic characterization for seventeen public spaces. All maps were edited in a small booklet at the laboratory “Site, Dance and Body: Workshop of movement and emotional geographies in Raval”, 9-14 April 2018, Barcelona.

Fragments and Bondings Research Report Booklet

Moya A., and Vidal-Ribas, G., “Fragments and Bondings: The Creative Body Memory in times of the Covid-19. Dance and Performance Experience with Youth in Urban Places” (July, 2021), (125 pages), Research Booklet. Funded by the Cultural Initiative Support Office (OSIC), Cultural Department, Generalitat of Catalonia, Spain (CLT019/20/000154).

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