For this research project we have counted with the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team of artists in the fields of plastic, audio-visual and performing arts. There has been a close collaboration with them in order to create specific methods and contents adapted both to the researcher’s objectives and the artist’s interests and creativity. As a result, we were working with original artistic methods that were tested and implemented for the first time in the different case study laboratories. At the end of each laboratory, we gathered an original and specific artistic material, result of these participative artistic activities. Our aim was not to represent and map space, but to present and re-create relationally experienced and lived spaces. Therefore, we were interested to discover how participants were interacting (in the past and in the present) with their urban space creating a relational embodied space with their actions, emotions and affects.


Researchers and artists

Ana Moya

Urban Landscape researcher, Coordinator.

Academic researcher on  landscape theory, perception, phenomenology and the art world. She explores the intangible landscape heritage related to somatic and lived experiences, and its representation and performance.

Leonor Brilha

Designer and plastic artist

Expert in visual arts, painting, fine arts, and design of communication. She develops activities in the field of urban art with relevant work at GAU (Lisbon). She also works with photography, illustration and animation. 

Fernando Ramalho

Sound designer and musician

He is a musician, author and producer in several musical and sound projects, as well as working in an interdisciplinary intersection with areas such as writing, poetry, video-art and dance. Co-diretor of Unipop Association.

Vicky Hunter

Site dance researcher and choreographer


Illustrator and graphic designer

Guille Vidal-Ribas

Actor and dancer. Expert in urban dances

Practitioner-Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Dance at the University of Chichester. Her research is practice-based with site dance productions over the past fifteen years. She has written extensively on site dance and movement practice.

He grew up among Nature and is a lover of popular mysticism.  He sees his work as a way of reflecting on himself and others. He has made more than one hundred illustrated covers for books; he is author of publications, and has exhibited regularly. 

Performer,  playwright, stage director and choreographer, in dance and theater shows, and  the audiovisual field. He is a reference in urban dances, at Institut del Teatre (Barcelona). He has been Co-director of the Hop Festival (2017-20).

academic partnerships

International research cooperation was established with the Research Group on Anthropology and Artistic Practices (GRAPA, U Barcelona, ES) and the Site Dance and Choreography Group (U Chichester, UK). This research counted with the support and supervision of Desidério Batista, Auxiliar Professor at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Algarve (PT), and the co-supervision of Roger Sansi, Professor at the Anthropology Department, University of Barcelona (ES).

funding and sponsorships

Grants were awarded for the artistic community work: OSIC, Cultural Department of Catalonia (CLT019/20/000154), and Next Stop Consortium grant (CMLisboa, Aga Khan Foundation, FAMI) (PT/2017/FAMI/210). Also we counted with the support and sponsorships from local associations and institutional protocols: Renovar a Mouraria, and Largo Residências Associations; Santa Maria Maior Parish (Senior University Saber Maior); Republican Centre Lisbon; Secondary School Gil Vicente (Lisbon); and  Xamfrà, Raval’s Centre for Music and Performance (Barcelona).

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