Site dance 2

site dance performances 2

“Place Ressonance (Part 4)” (3′, 24”). Exploration of the qualities of movement, body shapes and internal states that are generated, and the imaginaries that are activated as a result of body movements in urban spaces. Within Fragments and Bondings Research Project. Site, Dance Raval Laboratory. Co-directed by Ana Moya and Guille Vidal-Ribas. Camera and video editing: Ana Moya. Promoted by Xamfrà, Centre de Música i Escena del Raval.

Fragments and Bondings video teaser

Video Fragments and Bondings Project (2′,30”), Site Dance Raval Workshop, Barcelona, July 2021 Residency at Xamfrà, Centre de Música i Escena del Raval Artistic research project by Ana Moya and Guille Vidal-Ribas Funding OSIC (Cultural Department, Generalitat de Catalunya). Photography: Laura Abad. Camera and video editing: Marta Romero.


site dance, physic theater and performance

Critical rediscovery of everyday urban experiences inside a “body-place-community” dialogue in the present pandemic context.

We explore the body memory as a tool for defining new affective bonds with urban places, and new environmental adaptation processes. We work with interpretative fragments and emotional connections.

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