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Two types of mapping exercises: (1) Raval understood as a body with all its organs; (2) Raval and the location of sensorial memories.

Mapping Body Experiences and Site Explorations Documentary

Video “Site, Dance and Body: Research Introduction (First Session)” (3′,24”), from Site, Dance and Body Laboratory, 9-13 April 2018. This video presents our introductory session where we introduce our objectives and work methodology. We are interested in the intercorporal body-world touch. The body talks about the world, because we remember sensorial encounters and we experiment the world through our actions and interactions in places. Simultaneously the world is also an abstract cosmos that talks about the nature of our own bodies. For our methodology we use mapping and cartographic techniques, body movement and site explorations.

Site, Dance and Body Workshop Booklet

Booklet “Site, Dance and Body” (2018) (Ed. A. Moya), 86 pages. Survey and characterization of the neighborhood of Raval, Barcelona. Elaboration and creation of 31 maps of morphological analysis of Raval’s neighborhood in Barcelona, ​​​​based on in-situ observation, photographic data and aerial photography. Elaboration of the scenic characterization for seventeen public spaces. All maps were edited in a small booklet at the laboratory “Site, Dance and Body: Workshop of movement and emotional geographies in Raval”, 9-14 April 2018, Barcelona.


The participants also worked a ritualized experience of offering to the city their personal memories inside a memory box . Participants wrote or drew particular embodied recollections of past places and took their personal box on a journey through the city before offering it at the city gates of Sta Madrona, in the old 14th century city walls.

Memory, Offering and Ritual

Video “Workshop Site, Dance and Body, Raval (Barcelona)” (12′,59”), from Site, Dance and Body Laboratory, 9-13 April 2018.  Study of body-world relationships inside the research topic “Memory”. We experimented with body memory and the recollection and evocation of past experiences and the visualization of physical space. We experimented with imaginary trips and ritualized experiences.

Session: Theme Matter

Video “Site Dance and Body, Theme Matter, Raval” (4′, 47”). First session, day 9, Theme MATTER, where we explore the historical narratives and the physicality of the urban historical sites we encounter through bodily resonance and bodily engagement exercises.  We explore the materiality of space, in its three dimensions: its physical and touchable nature, its intangible and ethereal one, or the evocative feeling of sensing the void, or the loss of matter.

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