Sound tracks

mouraria sound tracks

Fernando Ramalho created four sound musical pieces, using the sound palette of the participants’ recordings and space explorations, in a sequential logic that takes us on a journey that begins in language, continues through memory and music, and ends in the daily life and place experiences of this young residents. The illustrator Mantraste transformed the sounds into a universe of twenty eight tactile (clickable) sound illustrations, where faces, places, memories, and daily activities become sound. We created a website of interactive sound creation ( where visitors can enter the labyrinth of soundscapes, and create new sounds with our sound database.

sound tracks and an interactive sound data base

Sound design of four sound tracks or soundscapes of the neighbourhood: Spoken speech,  Memory, Cultural Music, and Daily Life.

See more of the sound data base website at


sound recording, and sound design


Exploration of the neighbourhood’s soundscapes. Discovery of the rhythms of space. Learning about the cultural and memory sounds.  Musicality of languages, spoken speech and cultural musical backgrounds.

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